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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today's Hands

I played a couple of hours this morning and this were pretty average, I just couldnt catch anything which was pretty frustrating. I didnt force the action though and just tried to get my money in in good spots.

I played about another 1.5 hours this afternoon and the tables were pretty bad. Many regulars and few fish, so I had to table hop quite a bit.

Overall for the day I played pretty tight due to a lack of cards/situations but managed to still pick up $340 in about 1250 hands. When things dont go for you on the whole, you have to take that for sure.

Here's some hands from today:-

AK has 3 streets of value against a fish.

Hit a 2 outer with KK v AA :-)

Opponent's float gets him into trouble against my flopped quads!!!

Appalling call gets rewarded for the short stack.

Horrible hand with AA. I'm really not sure of a good flop line here. The guy who lead $20 was very TAG and I thought he was going for a bet/3bet line. Looking at his hand, I think that was definitely the case. Good turn for me so I decided to commit myself, but the river was the worst in the deck so I had to pass.

And that's about it for today. Gonna play some more tomorrow!


  • Note - when Fruity bets half pot in a re-raised pot on the flop he's got quads and I should fold unless I have a backdoor over-quad draw.

    By Blogger verneer, at Fri Apr 27, 05:21:00 pm  

  • Lol, u joker :-)

    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Sat Apr 28, 03:25:00 pm  

  • I'm just curious why you are so upset with your results. 14bb/100 is great. Sometimes when I have an average session it feels below average, because most of my wins are above my hourly, obviously the losing days even it out.

    By Blogger Jamie, at Mon Apr 30, 06:31:00 am  

  • any chance of adding me to your list of blogs buddy?


    By Blogger F-Badger, at Tue May 01, 12:21:00 am  

  • Jamie - I'm not upset at all with my results at 1/2, I didnt mean for that to come across at all. I'm crushing the games there at the moment despite running pretty average (what's a set?). 2/4 is a different issue though...

    F-badger - just about to add.

    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Tue May 01, 10:28:00 pm  

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