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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Had to break - tilt warning!

Basically, for the last week I have been on total tilt so havent been online. I actually havent played for a week due to this. Obv this is better than playing tilted...

I dropped 5 buyins at 100NL in the Challenge because of a few things. Firstly I can't hit for shit. That makes things difficult as it is. Secondly, about 75% of the time I got checkraised/raised on the flop. Either the deck is smashing my opponents in the face or they are making plays at me. Probably the latter mainly.

Finally, my broadband issue has multiplied this tilt in a big way. Here's an exerpt from my post I made on which is a site devoted to helping people in my spot. Here's the link to it too:-

Here's my story:-

I moved into a new flat 3 weeks ago. It was basically brand new except that my landlord had lived in it for a few weeks. Unfortunately, he had broadband in it through a company called Mistral Internet Group/Utility Warehouse. This is where the fun begins…

I tried to get my existing AOL account to come onto the line. AOL said a ‘tag’ was blocking it and told me to phone Mistral to get it removed. I phoned them, they said they’d get rid of it but it would take a week. They didn’t. I phoned them again. This time they denied it was their responsibility and told me to email to Utility Warehouse about it. I decided to get my landlord to phone them to get the tag removed. He eventually phoned them and cancelled his contract with them. I phoned Utility Warehouse myself and they said they wont remove the tag until his cancellation period (30 days) is over.

This is an absolute joke. This would like buying a brand new car but finding that the garage has put petrol from Shell into it and that means I can only use Shell petrol. But I can’t use Shell until the garage organise with Shell to let me use their petrol, or to get Shell to let me use other brands. Obviously this wouldn’t be in Shells’ interest so they dont bother helping you, and put loads of obstacles in your way. You think this sounds totally crazy, well it is, and that’s what this phone line system is.

When a person moves into accomodation (particularly rented), it should be a given that all phone lines are clean and able to be used for the purpose of why they are there. It is clear to me that phone lines with ‘tags’ on are not fit for purpose and are of little use to anyone, especially in these days where people rarely use phone lines to make conventional calls.

I have contacted 'Watchdog' which is a UK consumer program on BBC. Hopefully they will get back to me as I'll do anything to ruin these companies which are basically, total and utter fuckers.

Back to the tables, challenge resumes with 7 buyins for 200NL. If I can't do this, lol.



  • "...I'll do anything to ruin these companies which are basically, total and utter fuckers."

    LMAO at that one. Sucks man. I'm sure it will all work out.

    By Blogger Mark, at Wed Mar 14, 04:36:00 pm  

  • sounds nasty fruity, i'm still enjoying your blog keep it up!

    heres a site i found after i realised i was being shafted for £ from some credit card companies. They help with any loony compny too

    (former CR member)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Mar 17, 03:23:00 pm  

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