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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thought I'd Better Update!

Well what's new?

Still haven't got broadband which totally sucks and has kinda put me on a bit of a life tilt. I haven't played that much cos of it but I am gonna make an effort to get a lot of hands in now. I'm so lazy and I don't really know why. Psychological things affect poker players a lot I think, for example if you value money a lot and pick up a few buyins then it can be hard to carry on. That's something I have to get out of my head. At the end of the day profit is only profit when you cash out and not something you should quantify at the tables. If I can get that into my head thats a start :-)

I thought I'd post up some hands. I actually feel I played very well over the last week and am running at >10PTBB/100 hands over that period (only about 6k hands cos I am so lazy...) Something I have focused on more is playing my opponent more than playing standard lines. This has worked pretty well.
This hand was all about ranges. I felt opponents range (24/20/40% att to steal) was huge for his 3-bet in position, so I decided to call and checkraise allin if I flopped an overpair. I think 4-betting preflop is ok against someone who does it this light but I prefer my line.
Pretty standard from me. But what he is doing only he knows. Buddy list time :-)
I think some players need a course on how to play 99!
Tech house was playing 70/30 and was on monkey tilt. He had open shoved K3o and 94o preflop recently so I'm calling him down pretty light in position. He had felted ace high and bottom pair too. Not necessarily a standard line from me but playing the player and all that!
Opponents play with air goes badly wrong...
Nice when you can get AA allin preflop
Sticky spot with AA overpair and flush draw against top set. Even then I'm not that far behind, sth like 40-60.

I went out to watch the two England games and got bored to tears. We have to get rid of McClown. Oh and Lampard. The only good thing Rooney did over the international break was to hit Lampard's wrist and break it with a shot.

To finish, I just saw Chris Eubank on the news. It reminded me of the Steve Penk prank I found on YouTube the other week when he impersonates him.

Here's the link:-

Good luck everyone,



  • Funny stuff with the You Tube link. It actually got me to looking into Chris Eubank a bit. I had heard of him (I am a boxing fan) but I had no idea how good of a fighter he was! The Benn/Eubank fight on You Tube is a classic. Thanks Dan!

    By Blogger CapAnson, at Thu Mar 29, 03:38:00 pm  

  • Great blog Fruity. Question for ya. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and reasoning behind playing at a site like Full Tilt, especially with you being in the UK and having all poker sites open to you.

    My opinion of Full Tilt has been that they players there are better than most other sites. A lot more TAGs than usual. Wouldn't you want to play at sites that have a lot of bad players? Doesn't Party poker have tons and tons of crappy players still?

    I've always tried to play at sites with crazy people. I was a huge fan of B2B a year ago and the crazy scandanavians, and a huge fan of Tribeca until they closed down with all the other crazy players from Ireland and Isreal, etc...

    Is it because of rakeback? You feel you can make more money against TAGs? Less variance?


    By Anonymous PokerFool, at Mon Apr 02, 09:09:00 pm  

  • Hey man, I'm a crunners member under "ComfyCouch" I stumbled upon your blog and realized that i play with you quite a lot at the 1-2nl tables on fulltilt. Cool blog, ill be keeping up with it. You should check my blog out too if you have the time.
    "Twentytowynn" is my main blog.

    By Blogger Jamie, at Tue Apr 03, 08:31:00 pm  

  • Regarding hand

    You don't fear the flush @ turn ?
    I would have slowed down

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 04, 09:47:00 am  

  • pokerfool - there are quite a lot of reasons why. Firstly datamining is a huge help, so I can practice good table selection which I think is vital in achieving a good winrate. I also love the software, and also think its important to have your money in a site where you can trust that it's safe - ie has a good reputation and FTP definitely has that especially with all the affiliated pros. Customer support is decent too. Party is the opposite to this IMO - and has no reputable rakeback apart from underhand dealings. I cant stand the software or lobby on there either. With good game selection there are plenty of fish to find on FTP or any site for that matter :-)

    Jamie - Whats ur FTP id? I'll check ur blog out and add it to my links. GL at the tables (apart from against me obv!!!)

    Anonymous - This hand I did not fear the flush much, basically he is going to have to show me better in this spot. I tend not to give too much credit for the flush in reraised pots and I felt a hand like AQ or KK/AA was very likely - and if they have a spade draw on the turn I need to charge for it - hence my meaty turn bet. River was basically gin for me and the hard work had been done by then anyway!

    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Wed Apr 04, 07:31:00 pm  

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