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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Challenge Update

Saturday - Played terrible. Dropped 5 buyins, the last of which was tilt when I checkraised the river all in against this guy I thought was floating me. I had 44. The board was 88JKK in that order. He called with T8 :-( I had to stop because I was playing terrible.

Here's my update from today which I just cross posted on the CR Forum.

Sunday - Focused better after a talk to myself (something along the lines of SBRugby's advice of being responsible for your results), and made $328.90 in 1,518 hands. I played much tighter, especially oop where I 3-bet a lot less, that worked very well.

I spent most of the day with my family and watched the best game of football of all time when Spurs basically relegated West Ham with 2 goals in injury time...Ship it!

Today, I hit some big flops and got severe action w/overpairs, which was nice obv, including getting put allin by a donk preflop with 66. I had AA :-) He was sitting with a 4 buyin stack. I relieved him of all of it. I left the table with almost 6 buyin stack...

My PT has been messing me about bigtime, so now I have all my results on different databases. Does anyone know how to amalgamate PostgreSQL databases into one big database?

I know the exact amount in my FTP a/c before the challenge as I withdrew some to make it an even number, so my 'challenge bankroll' now stands at $1529.75. I am gonna take a 3 buyin shot at 100NL tomorrow, the pace needs to be stepped up :-)

Here's some screenshots from today.
The first one is my PT stats for Sunday. The second one is my giant stack after relieving the 70/31 guy of all his money!

Good luck at the tables everyone,



  • Did you see the news about West Ham management being worried about team playing some high stakes poker games before and after trainings? There has been some huge losses they're fearing this might affect team spirit.

    What comes to that game and how it went, I guess West Ham guys now know what is a river suck out...

    By Anonymous sprukts, at Mon Mar 05, 10:46:00 am  

  • fruity

    Try PT > Utilities > Export Hand Histories to File

    Then import them into your other main database (File > Import HH)- a bit longwinded but I seem to remember it works. Then you can sit back while it churns away and do something like extract value with K9o :)

    BTW I look forward to yur CR challenge updates.

    By Anonymous Pete, at Mon Mar 05, 05:34:00 pm  

  • Sprukts - Yeah I did see that. Matthew Etherington is in a gambling clinic. Roy Carroll was in rehab earlier in the season for gambling too. I think Teddy Sheringham cleared them all out. I heard he is turning pro at poker when he retires.

    Lol @ the river suckout. Runner runner straight from Berbatov and Stalteri.

    Pete - Many thanks, I'll give that a shot.


    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Mon Mar 05, 06:29:00 pm  

  • Hi fruity,

    You seem to have added another stat to your PA HUD since your last cardrunners video. Wondered what this was and if it has helped you any.

    Good luck at the tables.

    PS. i saw your AA v 66 hand. Must be nice to get this kind of action while playing super tight! =)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Mar 06, 08:43:00 pm  

  • So it's Teddy that has cleared the guys. I think the poker world might need to wait for Teddy, since I'm under the impression that he's never gonna retire.

    By Anonymous sprukts, at Wed Mar 07, 07:41:00 am  

  • Hey man! Where can I get that background!

    By Blogger William, at Fri Mar 09, 02:08:00 am  

  • Hey guys, sorry for the late replies:-

    graeme - i have added the way they treat c-bets to it. I.e. not only do i have fold to c-bet %, I also have raise c-bet% and call c-bet%. This is handy because then I can see how they play back at c-bets. If I have a gut draw perhaps with one overcard, for eg, I may be more inclined to check behind if they raise c-bets a lot, but if they call them usually I may fire knowing i wont get blown off my draw.

    William - I got it from a guy on CR, eric281. His fiancee designed it. If you pm him he may be able to send you it. It's on the first or second page of the off topic forum atm as someone bumped the thread.



    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Wed Mar 14, 12:27:00 pm  

  • Btw - Pete,

    Many thanks, that worked perfectly.


    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Wed Mar 14, 12:28:00 pm  

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