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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Up and Down Week

Well - where to start?

The weekend seems a good point, when I picked up 6.5 buyins in a 24 hour period at 1/2 on FTP. I played about 3.5k hands in this time and things went pretty well. I got my money in good and didnt have any problems and I was pleased overall with how I played.

Monday I played a bit and did ok, and I FINALLY got broadband on Tuesday in my flat. But then, disaster strikes. As soon as I get connected, my Postgre SQL database no longer connects to the server (port blocked). It's blatantly something to do with my connection as its the only thing thats changed, but support from all angles deny it's their problem. It's not a huge issue as I have many many hands on my access db's but just a pain as also I had loads of numbers on people on my PSQL db (like 30k hands on some regulars) and now I dont have that many.

I decided that this was a good point to have a shot at 2/4 again. I did ok on Wednesday but the tables were terrible, full of regulars, so I left after 30mins picking up a tiny bit less than a buyin after stacking someone w/a set against his float which turned top pair :-)

I didn't get any hands in on Thursday, but I did on Friday. I had an awful day at 2/4 on Friday, dropped about $1,500 in total and to be honest there was little I could do on the most part. I think maybe a couple of the hands were marginally questionable but those playing lower limits must remember that the game is hugely aggressive preflop with much light squeezing and 3-betting.

Here's some hands from Friday:-

Probably played this a bit tranparently but I'm not sure what other line to take seeing as I dont think I get that much value from TT if I double barrel a standard player.

Half stack donation.

JJ facing a potential squeeze from a regular. Opinion was pretty mixed on the forum as to the optimal line in this spot.

QQ busted by hugely aggro donk (45/25/5). Obv a different line would have been taken against a more competent player.

Absolutely ridiculous chase gets rewarded. Nice turn call in particular with one card bottom end of a gutshot for $164.

Maybe I should have double barrelled the turn but whatever.

Set loses to 2nd pair which hits runner runner straight.

And that's about it. Not ideal, but I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth and that certainly was rough.

I went to Spurs V Arsenal yesterday, we outplayed them for the first half and went in fron through Robbie Keane and deserved the lead at half time. But yet again we sit back with a one goal lead against a top 4 team and throw it away. I was so convinced we would not equalise I left with 2 minutes to go. Obviously Jenas scored :-)

Gonna move some money onto another site from FTP and see what that's like at 2/4. At FTP it's just regular city. A good table would be 4 regulars, one 30/10/2 and one donk.

I've got another video coming on CR today, a 2 parter which is about 50mins playing and 25 mins PT analysis. It's pretty decent IMO and hopefully will make up for the one with bad sound.




  • Ohh TalentedTom (villain from JJ hand) I recognize him. He used to play 5/10nl and blog.

    Probably very capable of squeezing pre, however you are UTG.

    I may be tempted to check call down (if an A or K doesn't come) as shoving flop here doesn't accomplish much.

    PS How many tables do you play? .. and on what monitors? I play 5 - 7 5max tables, on one 1600x1200 but one smaller and hate having to cascade three of them. Need to get a new PC and second beefy monitor this summer =)

    By Blogger SinkRox, at Mon Apr 23, 12:34:00 pm  

  • Sinkrox - I remember him from bigger games as well, he was multitabling too and playing pretty loose so I think his range of squeezing is wide here. As far as the flop shove, I will not like that many turn cards so its a tough spot - I think many people on CR forum preferred shoving due to board texture than calling but opinion was split.

    If the board was like T52 rainbow then I think calling is a good move.

    I play 8 tables on 2 regular 1280x1024 19" TFT's - 4 on each table w/resizeable windows, so no overlap.



    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Mon Apr 23, 02:30:00 pm  

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