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Monday, March 19, 2007

More Live Poker

After the relative success on Friday, I decided to play live again last night. I thought I'd pop along to the Full House in Reigate and play the £50 1 rebuy tournament and then a cash game afterwards.

Tournament was actually fairly decent in standard with only several out and out donators/luckboxes.

I didnt have many key hands because I played pretty tight and then used this to my benefit when necessary and pretty much never had a showdown.

Here's a few though:-

Level 2 - 50/100 and I'm playing 4300. I havent taken my rebuy yet. I raise AQ behind 1 limper on the button to 400. BB calls. He seems pretty bad and I've seen him make some terrible calls preflop. Flop TT6 with 2diamonds. I'm happy with this and c-bet for 600. He calls. Turn is a Qc and he instantly lead for 2k. Wtf. I only have 3300 left so its clearly a push/fold decision. I tank it up for ages and I just dont know what to do. He seemed happy to call with marginal hands so it is possible he had Tx. I was listening to drum and bass music throughout and didnt hear them call the clock on me. I saw the dealer say 20 seconds left. Lol. I took my earphones out and quickly asked him how strong he was. He got very flustered immediately and mumbled a load of crap. I said 'There's only 1 way to find out' and shoved. He folded!!! For 1300 into about a 7500 pot. Lol.

I stole my way onto the final table in slightly below average stack. I had no premium hands until then apart from QQ once which flopped ace high and I took the pot down with a c-bet.

A few people knocked themselves out whilst I was just picking my spots. Blinds were worth a lot and most players didnt defend them enough so it was worth picking spots using my tight image. It only paid 5 and I got into the money.

Down to 3 handed and I picked up the chip lead when I shoved AJ and got called with KQ. I held. The only decent player then shoved KK and got called by the fish who held 89s. Seeing as I folded 75s he looked to be in trouble. But runner runner top end straight saw him home, so we didnt get to heads up yet. Then they both got a/i preflop with similar stacks so I thought definitely heads up this time, but no they both held AJ for a chop.

Blinds was an insane 10000/20000 by this point and with chip lead I only had 6 BB. It was actually a fair structured comp but it lasted ages which meant it was a crapshoot. SB (fish) shoved and I held A4c in BB. It was 43k more to me so a pretty mandatory call seeing as he'd been shoving a lot. He held Q2. 4 on the flop was good for me, but Q on turn lucked out for him. I then shoved with QJ to steal the blinds and I was back in it. Next hand, it folded to me in SB and I shoved KQ. BB called with AJ and we both blanked so I was out in 3rd for £350. I was pretty pleased with how I played but you do need luck to close these things out and you cant always get that. By this point it was late, and I didn't fancy the £3/3 cash game so I went home.

Overall, I'm beginning to enjoy this live poker lark.



  • Good stuff Dan. I wish we had poker clubs here. The best I got is Indian casinos and 95% of them only have limit tables.

    By Blogger CapAnson, at Thu Mar 22, 02:49:00 am  

  • Nice report Fruity - would love to play more live but since I can only count up to 10 in Hungarian (and only just at that!) will have to wait until next trip back to the UK.

    Cheers, Mark

    By Blogger Mark, at Thu Mar 29, 12:40:00 pm  

  • i know it wasn't huge money, but why didn't you guys just chop?

    By Blogger dukyboys, at Thu Mar 29, 09:09:00 pm  

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