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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Birthdays, Mobile Phones, Spanish Police and Some Hands :-)

First up just wanted to say it was my birthday on Monday - 28 is not a good age to be, getting v close to 30 now! I think this is the age where the novelty of birthdays has finally worn off! I'm buying a new monitor with some money I got and also I got my ticket paid for for my trip to France next month.

To celebrate my birthday, I played poker online. And whilst doing this I dropped my new Nokia N73 onto the floor from a filing cabinet. Onto carpet. And somehow the stupid LCD screen broke inside and now its busto. Its insured, luckily as they gave me £50 in the shop to take out 3 months insurance costing £30 :-) I thought I'd get my old N70 unlocked to vodafone from orange but no, apparently you cant get N70 series Nokia's unlocked. Eventually I get my old old phone unlocked - but its so wierd, you feel totally lost without a mobile phone even for a day even though I actually hate them! And the N70 is going on ebay seeing as its basically no use to me now I am on vodafone.

Other points of interest was the Spurs game in Sevilla on Wednesday. I actually gave serious thought to going to this game but it was probably best in the end. I'm pretty disappointed I havent made it to a European away game so far this season. Looking at the crowd scenes on TV it looked pretty bad but now the truth has come out it seems the police were at fault just like at Man United - apparently they beat up a defenceless guy in a wheelchair pretty bad for no reason and it all kicked off after the worst referee of all time gave a penalty against Robbo and our fans committed the heinous crime of booing the ref. No fan on fan violence and there wouldnt be either. We have got on great with opposing fans in Europe. Club Bruges fans were awesome and we clapped each other at the end of the game at White Hart Lane.

As soon as there is any trouble with English fans we get blamed straight away. Fact is, if we had behaved like Italian, Dutch or Turkish fans over the last few years we would all have been banned from Europe for years. But they can get away with anything they want, and perhaps someone who knows more about life and football than me can explain it. Whilst they are doing that, maybe they can explain how the worst referee in the world took charge of the game. He was worse than the one we had in Sunday League last week who I wrote a report on because he was that bad. And maybe Seville players might actually get punished for diving sometime (or the headbutt on Keane in the last minute) - but no, silence again. We are still well in the tie though with the away goal and have everything to play for at home.

Today we are playing Chelsea - and because they run the league we have to play 36 hours after the game in the UEFA Cup. Back overs in this game because there will be plenty of goals. I think we'll play a weakened team so I think they will get 3 themselves.

I've played quite a lot this week, here's some hands. I've run pretty average - racking up some tough beats as well as inflicting an awesome one too :-) Pretty solid profit though.

Thanks for the donation

Very marginal spot - I think this is generally a fold but these guys were total donators (seen by their hands)

Thought he was squeezing. He wasnt. Still, I won :-)

I know - I have queens and the board comes with an overcard in a reraised pot. Let's overbet this flop!!! Thanks again for the donation.

One of the best beats I have ever inflicted on someone. I really felt I was gonna win on the turn too - I felt it coming!

Another donation

Does this guy really think his hand is good here?

I do run into sets too...

Pretty terrible river call from me

Ouch. Flop the nuts and lose.

Another donation from the guy in the first hand. I think he may be 2+2 or even CR as he was calling out Boosted J in the chat and asking him if he was making a vid.

When will people learn top pair ten kicker is not a good hand !!!

Set v set against a regular

I know - I'll call $70 on the river with ace high. Thanks again!


Another bad river call by me. I just couldnt put him on a hand.

And after going through my PT database, I can firmly say that I am owed some sets from small pairs. Better hit the tables to get them!

GL everyone,



  • sorry for being late, but happy bday mate, only as young as the girl your feeling ;) nice 21yr old lol.

    By Blogger Aaron, at Sun Apr 08, 12:39:00 am  

  • Ha I had one of those TPTK vs set mega beats a couple weeks ago - so awesome. As payment I now lose a set over set about once a day. Ugh.

    By Anonymous chumofchance, at Sun Apr 08, 08:00:00 am  

  • Nice blog m8. I've stuck a link on my blog hope you can return the favour. gl

    By Blogger Amatay, at Tue Apr 10, 04:51:00 pm  

  • Nice and aggressive playing with one pair on the flop. I think in these situations you really need to play the player, and variance becomes your enemy. If the guy donating in the two hands is a 2p2 and CR member, he really needs to find a new and more suitable hobby :)

    By Anonymous sprukts, at Wed Apr 11, 08:10:00 am  

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