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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Getting The Hands In

Well - since my last post I have got a good amount of hands in. I've upped my tables to 8 now and this really helps with getting them in, I've been getting in a regular 2k or more a day on 'playing days' now which is great. Finally getting the motivation to play and I'm really feeling confident about my game.

Despite this, I've been running kind of marginal lately. Had a sick beat in a big pot which I'll show later on in the hands, and just haven't been hitting. But I'm still winning and winning when running poorly can't be bad. I did run ok today and picked up 3.5 buyins.

I just got my new monitor delivered so I can pitch the 15" CRT which I was running as my second monitor. Now have 2 x 19" TFT which works well. And further good news on the technology front - should be getting broadband next week in the new flat... I have placed the order now the line seems free of tag so I'm waiting for the box and activation. Will be a huge relief!

I also had to get another 1GB RAM for my PC too because the FTP client seems to be a huge memory resource after their resizeable table update. It was ridiculous, PAHUD stats not showing properly and the cards lagging. Many people have found this too - but the memory upgrade seems to solve the problem. Anyone else having this problem?

Away from the tables, I've got football training in a couple of hours and then the Spurs game is tomorrow against Sevilla. I'll probably play online most of the day though before that. Massive game, would be awesome if we won. Watched the Man United game yesterday, that was amazing. They are the best team in the world at the moment, and despite his faults, Ronaldo is the best player by far.

I wrote an article for CR about PAHUD on tuesday, if you havent read it check it out, I think there's some interesting content on there. I also made my next video the other day and that should be up soon, I think there's some good discussion on there too.

I've also linked a few new blogs, everyone who added theirs on the comments should be added. If I have missed you out, please drop me a reminder.

And some hands from the last few days:-

People love donating:-

Pretty unlucky against an 80% vpip player

I'm sure he should not be shoving this turn...

This was actually a great preflop call seeing as his range was tiny with a 4% pfr - but I felt he'd do this with hands I race with as well as sometimes worse so I called, was right and got punished :-(

Tough for the other guy to get away from.

Felt his overbet meant he was on a draw. I was right. He hits anyway.

Very next hand. I get revenge.

Fish's call with a gutshot gets him into trouble!

The amount of players I have made notes on lately for not being able to fold top pair is crazy!

I insta called this, he was terrible.

He was a huge fish and insta bet the river, I didnt like his line so I decided to call. Pretty decent call I think, many people get stacked here IMO.

KK loses to open ender against a terrible, terrible player.

Just played this hand this afternoon against one of the worst players on FTP

Probably just had the edge in this one but lose

I just couldnt put him on a 3.

Pot which has been discussed on CR - against regular who squeezes light.

Great flop, obv he was a big, big fish.

Good old 86 gets the money from an idiot. Check his hand out.

This guy is another one on my buddy list

The sick hand I talked about earlier.

Good luck at the tables,



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