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Friday, May 11, 2007

Omg, The Swings Are Huge!

Well after Monday I took a few days off which made sense definitely - I returned yesterday and FTP was lagging up big time which obv is so frustrating but (EDITED): They showed great customer service by emailing me asking some very specific technical questions. Having said that, why cant they email their customers to tell them when they are going to have downtime? If they can send everyone emails with 'strategy tips' from Gavin Smith and Gus Hansen, why can't they do this? I know what I'd prefer. A lot of talk on CR and 2+2 has been about the 'Bot' Issues but tbh I couldnt care less. Obv it doesnt affect me so much at 6 max anyway but I'm sure they must be so exploitable as people have posted on there. I guess they shouldnt be allowed as they have unlimited stamina and dont tilt but I dont really give a shit to be honest!

Ok so I just played 1k hands at 1/2. 8 tabling. Many regulars, games were pretty tough. Didnt exactly run good on the whole, though I did win a nice little pot which I'll show later...If someone can tell me how to flop a set (esp in a reraised pot v regular), I'd like to know!

Well here's a few of the ridiculous hands from today. I was down like 3/4 buyins at one point but recovered well to turn in just over a $300 profit. The big pot certainly helped...

Ridiculous setup v regular who takes this line with a much bigger range.

I figure the OR misclicked somehow cos he folded really quick. Obv the cold caller (50% vpip+) played the hand abysmally and got lucky.

Nice cold calls, buddy.

Deepstacked, I flop the nuts on a fairly drawy flop and get raised. How to extract the most money? I know - overbet shove! Obv the turn sucked but it's fair to say that the rest of my block of flats heard me when the river paired the board.

I've got some coaching to do this afternoon and then I'm going out into town in the evening. Tomorrow, it's Cricket but if I'm feeling ok I may play in the morning. Sunday I have soccer in the morning and then Spurs v Man City in the afternoon. I went to the Blackburn game last night and it was pretty mediocre. Thanks to the stupid roadworks in the Blackwall Tunnel it took me 2.5 hours to get home (50 miles of basically dual carraige/motorway driving).

Gl everyone.


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