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Friday, May 04, 2007

A New Beginning

After the various posts on CR and the last post on here, I am going back to basics for a bit. I have really worked on my game in the last few days and the things that have inspired me to do this was some comments on the forum/here, and also the SB Rugby HU video, as well as the Hawk51 vid in Member Contributions. IMO this is one of the best videos on CR, he is an excellent LAG player and is well worth watching. If anyone doesnt learn anything from it, then you are either world class or need to give up.

I'm going back to 50NL for 20k hands (should take until Monday or Tuesday) to implement some things I have been thinking about. I'm not mad keen to share them on here as I am sure some of my opponents read this, but its safe to say that I will be much tougher to play as a result if I can get them to work effectively in my game.

I played 1500 hands at 50NL yesterday and picked up 3 buyins making some adjustments. I actually felt the standard, apart from obvious donks, was actually pretty decent. There are definitely some very competent (probably CR) members on there. In fact several started chatting in the chat box to me, so clearly this is true.

This morning I made a NL100 video for CR. It's a 4 tabling one where I focus on determing opponent's ranges based on their preflop stats and postflop actions, and how effective note taking can be a huge boost to your winrate by giving you a great read on an opponent's postflop range. It should be added on Monday.

I've got a couple of lessons this afternoon, so that should be good too - after that I'll probably 8 table for most of the evening, I have no real social plans for tonight. Tomorrow I've got Cricket nets, and a Barbeque at a mates house, so no poker unless I get up early to play, and Sunday I have Soccer in the morning (our game got called off but I'm going to watch a cup final), Cricket (first game for me this season) in the afternoon, and then a football awards drink up in the evening. As manager I have to present awards to our players based on their votes and the marks that me and my mate who is captain have given throughout the season. Should be a grin, even I am getting hammered!

Good luck at the tables,



  • A plan! I love it. I might see you at the tables ;) Just remember - if you bet 1/2 pot in a re-raised pot I will give you credit for quads EVERY time.

    By Blogger verneer, at Fri May 04, 03:31:00 pm  

  • Get a fking life you anorak, stop thinking ur good at poker!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri May 04, 10:28:00 pm  

  • Pawel - Will look forward to it! I might bet pot w/quads against you for deception :-)

    Anonymous - My first abusive comment! Awesome. Looks like the GUSER's have found their way here.

    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Sat May 05, 07:53:00 am  

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