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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Holiday Monies

Well I went on holiday to France on Tuesday which I definitely needed as non stop working at home was definitely getting stressful. Over here, there is nothing really to do which is what I need.

So I havent really done much although I have been putting in some study on CR and 2+2 as well as playing like 500 hands/day.

Away from the tables, I am playing sick amounts of Football Manager 07 at the moment and I'm going for the Premiership with Bristol Rovers, we are 2nd to Man United in January 2019, and playing Barcelona in the UEFA Cup. When I was younger I was properly hooked on Championship Manager but then I found poker...

I'm also up to date with Lost and its getting good! Episode 20 was the best ever IMO and although Episode 21 wasnt as good, next week's season finale should be awesome. Question is, what do I watch now PB and Lost have finished for a few months? Maybe I'll start catching up with Heroes, seeing as everyone says how good it is.

Here's some hands from when I've been away. I've booked about 4.5 buyin profit playing not much, so its all good.

Standard Preflop against a semi regular

Sweet river. Was so obv he had Tx too.

'AK' induces terrible bluff float from over aggro opponent who couldnt fold. And there are plenty of them.

Set holds against overs and flush draw.

And thats about it at the moment. Not sure how much I'll play between now and when I get back, will have to see!

Gl everyone,



  • Fruity,
    In order to make the pokerhand links clickable, just use the Insert Hyperlink button and then copy/paste the link into that. It's a little extra work for you, but a lot less work for us.


    By Blogger BigMac1082, at Sat May 19, 11:22:00 am  

  • Big Mac - Thanks. I tried to do it now but its all in French and I cant work out how to do it at the moment. I'll do it when I get back.


    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Sat May 19, 12:58:00 pm  

  • Heroes is the best! Is that 77 call a bluff float if he thinks you have AK? I mean, I don't like his play, but it's not a bluff float right, he does just think he's ahead, I think? Or is he trying to float out hands that can't beat a pair of queens?

    By Blogger andrew, at Sun May 20, 03:59:00 am  

  • alright fruity

    lol the days of championship manager, i used to play that every day until i found poker too. I have tried to get into FM but dont have the time, and it looks awesome from what i have seen. Taking a crap team to premiership glory was almost like winning a torny back then.

    By Blogger Neil Ross, at Sun May 20, 10:11:00 am  

  • I am following Lost, Heroes and House MD. They are all quality television.

    I guess I still have Prison Break and Battlestar Galactica to look forward to.

    By Blogger Yutani, at Mon May 21, 12:57:00 pm  

  • what is "PB" ? Lost is wayyyy kick ass.

    Never seen Hereos...but I'll be sure to download the entire season tonight:)

    By Blogger PJ, at Mon May 21, 03:39:00 pm  

  • Is Football Manager the same as Championship Manager?

    If so, the creator needs to be shot. I did 19 years with Aston Villa and then they sacked me!

    That's gratitude for you.


    By Blogger snoopy1239, at Tue May 22, 04:10:00 pm  

  • ahahahah Champ man is genius, im like you, i was hooked on that untl the arrival of pokes

    By Blogger Amatay, at Wed May 23, 09:45:00 am  

  • Weeds... check it out, great show.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat May 26, 03:35:00 pm  

  • Andrew - With the 77 he has basically turned his hand into a bluff as he's not getting called by worse. His hand has some showdown value though so that's what he should be trying to do. If I have AK he is way ahead (I only have 6 outs on the river) and he has position so he should just check the hand down.

    Neil - If you have the time you should get involved, I still play on it far, far too much!

    Yutani - Definitely gonna watch Heroes. Second series is going to be shown on BBC soon so I'll watch Series 1 before it gets shown on TV.

    PJ - Prison Break! It's amazing, definitely watch it. IMO its overall better than Lost especially season 1 inside the prison.

    Snoopy - It was yeah. Basically the latest Football Manager is written by the same people as the old (I'm talking 1990-2005 I think) Championship Manager. Then they had a dispute and set up their own game which is far better than the current Championship Manager according to like everyone.

    Amatay - Get back into it man, it's cheaper than poker! Seriously, do you remember the delights of Tonton Mokouko, Kennedy Bakircioglu etc... Amazing.

    Anonymous - Yeah I will check that out too. I think it was on sky or C4 recently over here but I didnt watch it for whatever reason. I'll def check it out though.

    Watched the last two Lost episodes, they are awesome. The fast forward was a real headfuck though.

    By Blogger Fruitypro, at Sun May 27, 08:54:00 pm  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jul 28, 11:05:00 pm  

  • I guess I still have Prison Break and Battlestar Galactica to look forward to.


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    By Blogger Panharith, at Mon Jul 17, 06:12:00 pm  

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